5 Reasons to Stay in Dalt Vila in Ibiza

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Traveling to Ibiza and looking to explore more than just the nightlife? I highly recommend staying in Dalt Vila, the Old Town of Ibiza! If you love white washed architecture, cobblestoned line streets, and villages that feel fairytale-esque, then Dalt Vila is the place to vacation! Below are five reasons to make Dalt Vila your homebase during a getaway to Ibiza!

1. UNSECO World Heritage Site

Dalt Vila is a unique city located on the southern side of the island. Positioned atop a small mountain, this seaside town overlooks the Meditarian. Sometimes referred to as The Old Town, Dalt Vila is a treasure trove of culture bursting with a history that spans over 2,500 years. Now a UNSECO World Heritage Site, Dalt Vila’s iconic Meditarian architecture makes it a beautiful backdrop for photos! All of the clustered, creamy-colored buildings and narrow, winding pathways look iconic from every angle. 

My husband, Jason, and I stayed in a small Airbnb right in the heart of Dalt Vila! Our room boasted panoramic views of the sea and town. Best part of all, the village is only reachable by foot so no cars are within site! Each morning as we left for the day, little chihuahuas laid asleep sunbathing in the cobbled stone streets. Almost every family in Old Town seemed to have a chihuahua – get ready for cute puppy overload! Most importantly, our Airbnb was located in an area only locals seemed to live and was very quiet at night! 

2. Local Experience 

When you arrive in Ibiza, you’ll notice several billboards promoting clubs and it might seem very commericalistic. Don’t be fooled. There is so much more to Ibiza than the nightlife and beaches. Just outside of the fortified town of Dalt Vila, is Ibiza Town! 

Ibiza Town

As soon as you head toward Ibiza Town, you’ll notice the mix of residential apartments and business buildings. Like any typical city, cute boutique shops and family owned restaurants dot the in between spaces throughout the city! We headed into town for breakfast several times and found extremely reasonably priced restaurants!

We ate at Nude Cafe twice and loved their fresh and savory approach to breakfast! My favorites were the avocado toast entree and peanut butter plus banana toast! Both were super filling and held us over till dinner! I also highly recommend the trendy restaurant Retro Gusto for juices and even more affordable food options! Don’t forget to check out for Gelateria Delizioso for tasty and cheap gelato! 

Dalt Vila 

Looking for lunch spots in Dalt Vila? Placa del Sol is a must! Delicious meditarian food with panoramic views of the pastel cityscape! Best part of all, this spot is super instagrammable! You can count on the restaurant always displaying huge bowls overflowing with luscious citrus fruits and pineapples! Another fun brunch or appetizer spot to check out is S’Escalanita! All of their outdoor seating is really fun and consists of large pouffes in brightly coloured hues! It’s the perfect sunset spot since all the seating is directly on the steps of the old town!

3. Romantic Nights 

Dalt Vila 

Dusk in Dalt Vila was unlike any other! After warm days exploring, the moonlight cools the town and casts a lovely romantic ambiance. There are several places to watch the sky soften and even more dining spots to welcome in the evening. During our first night in Ibiza, we ate at El Olivo Mio – a trendy, hillside restaurant serving fresh takes on Meditarian classics!

Marina Botafoch 

Interested in a slow paced night? Start the night off with romantic drinks at Calma – a waterfront restaurant in the Marina Botafoch that overlooks Dalt Vila. Reserve a comfy couch on the terrace and sip on beverage while the water settles into a peaceful stillness.

Wanting to kill a bit more time before a typical late night Spanish meal? Gaze at the magnificent yachts on the marina or if you’re feeling lucky head into one of the glamorous casinos! We checked out Casino de Ibiza in the Ibiza Gran Hotel and won over 80 Euros then lost it all in the end! Ha – isn’t that always how it goes? 

Harbour Promenade 

Once you’re ready for dinner, head over to PUMMA Ibiza along the harbour promenade for a delicious, and affordable Italian dinner! We each enjoyed a pizza on the patio and loved watching all the puppies stroll by! 

Es Vedra, Cala d’Hort

4. Close to the Right Beaches

While we were in Ibiza, we visited three beaches: Cala d’Hort, Playa d’en Bossa, and Playa Figueretas.

Cala d’Hort | Es Vedra 

If you’re looking to spend a day at the beach with incredible views, I highly suggest visiting Cala d’Hort! This beach overlooks the famous sea stack, Es Vedra! This uninhabited majestic mountain is claimed to be the third most magnetic place in the world! Lots of mystery and folklore are told about this site!

From Dalt Vila we took a bus to a town center then took a short, and inexpensive taxi ride to Cala d’Hort. Stay till sunset and catch the Spanish sun disappearing from the horizon from rocky platforms just steps away from the beach! After sunset, stay for dinner at the beachside restaurant and enjoy incredible paella with a final view of Es Vedra! 


Playa d’en Bossa

If you’re looking to briefly experience Ibiza’s party vibe, checking out a beachclub is a great option! We didn’t visit any of the clubs while in Ibiza, but I did want to check out a dayclub! We ended up at the Beachouse and it was chill, super fun, and costs about 25 20 euros per beach lounge chair for the day! 

Playa Figueretas

This beach isn’t spectacular, but it’s a walking distance from Dalt Vila! If you’re looking for a quick tan and dip in the sea, this beach does the trick! 

We didn’t get to check out any other beaches, but we kept hearing great things about Cala Comte! Certainly worth checking out if you rent a car! 

5. Close to Transportation 


From the Ibiza airport we took a quick bus ride to the Old Town. Once we arrived, we only had to walk a few included pathways to arrive at our Airbnb. No taxi needed! 


Dalt Vila is very close to the Ibiza Port too! In fact, we took a ferry from Ibiza to Mallorca to continue our tour of the Balearic Islands. Curious about exploring parts of Mallorca? I’ve written a post about the perfect day trip itinerary to Valldemossa – Mallorca’s hidden, hilltop gem! Mallorca – it’s a can’t miss destination! 

Formentera, Ibiza’s sister island, is only a 30 minute ferry ride away from the port. We didn’t get a chance to visit, but I so wish we did! 

Bus Connections 

Since many locals live in Dalt Vila and Ibiza Town, several buses make connections in the area. We took the bus to several parts of the Island including Cala d’Hort where the famous Es Vedra is located! 

Car Rentals 

Since Dalt Vila is very close to the airport, there are several car rental places close by! If you plan on staying in Ibiza five or more days, I highly recommend renting a car for a day or two! There are few parts of the island that are hard to reach via public transportation. 


Comment below! I’m always happy to answer any questions! 

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