I’m Alex Perry

I’m a multimedia designer with a mission to help sustainable brands find their visual voice. I create thoughtful content that evokes a slow essence which resonates with a mindful audience. Holistic brands create change when their products are captured in a way that reflects the vision of their founder. 

In 2018 I stopped purchasing fast fashion & took up a low waste lifestyle.

As I encountered sustainable brands, I fell in love with their ethics and how their products made me feel - supported, nourished, and grounded.

Ever Evolving Life Roles

Content Creator

I love using photography, videography, and animation to help intentional brands find their visual voice. 


In a workshop, I teach how to create Animated Instagram Stories in Photoshop. On the stage, I speak about the benefits of a sober curious lifestyle. 


Jason and I travel the world, partner as creatives, and snuggle often. We dream of living in Europe one day!


Once a dancer, always a dancer. For years I danced professionally and still perform at Disney from time to time. 

Destination Visuals

Want to see your product in a dreamy destination? 

Up Next: Greece 2023

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