How To Get To The Amalfi Coast And Choosing The Best Town To Stay In

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How to Get to the Amalfi Coast from Naples

There are three options to get to the Amalfi Coast from Naples. The closest international airport to the Amalfi coast is Naples (NAP), and the second closest is Rome’s Fiumicino Airport (FCO).

After spending a few days in Naples, my husband and I took the train to Salerno to start our Amalfi Coast vacation. However, you’re staying in Amalfi, Positano, or Ravello during the high season, I do recommend taking the bus! 

Our Negative Experience with the Amalfi Bus System

After our 40 minute train ride to Salerno, we waited an hour to catch the very overcrowded SITA bus. All of the travel forums are correct about how full the buses are to get along the Amalfi Coast in peak season!  Luckily we had euros on us as the bus only takes cash. Even though the ride is only four euros each, it took almost two hours to arrive to the Amalfi Coast! With no seats available, my husband and I stood the entire time in the aisle smooshed against others. Boy was that scary as we traversed the steep and winding cliff side in a huge megabus!

Once we arrived to Amalfi, we took another bus up to Ravello and met up with a coordinator from our hotel at the bus stop. We paid for a luggage transfer service of six euros each, and I’m so glad we did as Ravello has lots of stairs! Including the train, bus, and luggage transfer, we spent about 40 euros each and over 4 hours in travel! For 120 euros, a taxi or car service takes you straight from the airport and to your hotel doorstep in less than two hours. 

My Recommended Transportation Options for How to Get to the Amalfi Coast

  1. Taxi or private transfer (120 Euros) – Most expensive, but definitely the fastest option! Originally, we planned to take the train to Naples for our flight home. However, we ended up hiring a driver through our hotel after the bus nightmare! Airport transfer rates are set by the city, preventing drivers from overcharging. 
  2. Ferry (40 Euros) – If you’re staying in Naples for a few nights before heading to the Amalfi Coast, check out a ferry transfer from Naples Moro Beverello port! You can take a ferry with Alilauro and arrive to Sorrento in less than 40 minutes and then Amalfi or Positano in less than an hour! Just stay on the boat until you arrive in the town you’re staying in! Such a relaxing experience, especially if you sit on the top deck!

For more specifics, check out this helpful post from Walk of Italy!

Why Ravello is the Best Town to Stay in Along the Amalfi Coast

While researching hotels along the Amalfi Coast, we found it difficult to book an available place at the right price. Since waited until late May to book our July trip, most of the Airbnbs and inexpensive hotels were unavailable. As I scanned Google Maps, I noticed that the Belmond Hotel Caruso (a hotel with an infinity edge pool all over Instagram) was in Ravello! We started searching hotels on Expedia in that area and noticed some beautiful options at great prices! Since the Belmond Hotel begins at $1,000 dollars a night, I figured Ravello must be spectacular location! Boy were we right!

Ravello: The Most Beautiful Town Along the Alamfi Coast

Set on a mountaintop, Ravello’s enchanting and historic atmosphere mimics the feeling of the medieval towns in Nice. Ancient stone pathways line the town while quite cafes and stores outline the streets. Most of Ravello’s hotels and restaurants are built along cliff sides for stunning Mediterranean views! Cars are banned just before the Ravello Square, making this town a sweet escape! After a long day walking and exploring, Ravello is a calm retreat free of hungry tourists looking for dinner. We ended up staying at Villa Amore for five nights, an affordable bed & breakfast with large updated luxury rooms and stunning views of the coast! At less than $170 a night during peak season, this boutique hotel provided a five star experience and personalized our stay. We couldn’t recommend it more!

Belmond Hotel Caruso in Ravello on the Amalfi Coast Alex Perry Travel Blogger

Belmond Hotel Caruso in Ravello Travel Couple Alex Perry

Belmond Hotel Caruso in Ravello

Top Three Things to Do in Ravello

  1. Villa Rufolo – Built in the 13th century, Villa Rufolo is a historic Piazza complete with a magnificent garden which overlooks the sea! This property truly offers the best view of the entire Amalfi Coast! For about seven euros each, this historical and cultural center is definitely worth a visit!
  2. Visit the Belmond Hotel Caruso – I have mixed feelings about this place for sure! Originally, we made dinner reservation at the hotel simply to take a few photos and enjoy the view over a luxe dinner. However, once we arrived and I asked to see the terrace/pool before our reservation, they immediately treated me differently. After snapping a few photos around the hotel and feeling uncomfortable from all the looks, we decided to cancel our dinner reservations. Even though the vibe at this place is “I’m better than you,” it was worth visiting for the views!
  3. Villa Cimbrone – Witness dramatic coastal views at this garden home to a five star hotel. It is free and open to the public for daily visits!

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Ravello Restaurant Recommendations

  1. Villa Maria – Beautiful hotel with an upscale but affordable restaurant boasting gorgeous views of the Tyrrhenian Sea. We split a bottle of red wine, and I enjoyed an eggplant roulade and Jason got the linguine with mussels.
  2. Villa Amore – We stayed at this bed & breakfast and ate lunch at their terrace restaurant a couple of days. Casual and inexpensive with lite salads topped with parma ham as well as a seaside view!
  3. Mimi’s Pizzeria – Full service restaurant and pizzeria complete with take away options!
  4. Duomo Caffè Ravello – Perfect lunch spot right in the main square! Great place for a quick bite before beginning a day of touring!

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