How To Maximize Your Performance Career In Orlando Outside Of The Theme Parks

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How To Maximize Your Performance Career In Orlando Outside Of The Theme Parks

I started dancing professionally in Orlando at 18. Even though I grew up in Orlando, I still did a lot of Googling to really learn how to maximize my career outside of the theme parks. Most of the advice below applies to performers from all disciplines. However, since my background is dance, I do notate suggestions specifically for the growth of dancers.


Florida Talent Agents

Performance work in Orlando does not stop at the theme parks. However, most of the time access to opportunities like commercial castings, trade shows, and print shoots come through agents. Also, you can technically have as many agents as you want! Here are a few agents that represented me over the years:



Modeling Specific Agencies



How To Market Yourself To Book Castings


  • Make A Website – In my peak years of booking commercials and  modeling shoots, I maintained a simple Squarespace website. Every time I added new photos to it, I emailed each agent letting them know. By no means do you need to hire a professional web designer to do this! Within a couple of days and after watching a few YouTube videos, you can complete a website in no time!
  • Take Pictures Often – Whether you’re looking to book convention work, modeling shoots, or acting opportunities, it always help to have a variety of photos on hand. I always suggest starting a portfolio with a solid set taken from a seasoned professional photographer. Angelika Krug is my go to photographer for clean and powerful photos! Then seek out up and coming photographers and offer “trade for” photos. Up and coming photographers want to grow their portfolio just like you and sometimes are willing to shoot and edits photos for you for free in exchange for you modeling for them!
  • Design A Resume – Almost all performance resumes look alike – laid out in black and white from top to bottom. To stand out, I suggest designing one in Canva with a few color blocks. Be sure to have an additional photo of yourself on your resume too!


Top Production Companies In Orlando, Florida


Don’t be afraid to send productions companies an email with your headshot/resume and reel! Although most production companies cast for similar talent, each one contributes to the community in a unique way.


  • Hardrive Productions – Founded by the visionary talent Pamela Bolling. I’ve worked for her for over five plus years. She often lands clients with large budgets that enable her talented cast to travel!
    • Dancers – Pam teaches a jazz class most Tuesdays & Thursdays at 6:30PM. I started out by taking her class and that led to her hiring me for work! By all means, show up to her class with a headshot/resume and introduce yourself to her after! She loves that! Be sure to add her on Facebook to keep up with class dates!
  • Metropolis Productions – Owned by powerhouse couple, Lisa and Richie Compton. Although they focus more on promoting their incredible band, Epic, they do cast for large scale events!
    • Dancers – They host dance classes regularly and they event choreographers often teach! Excellent way to showcase your skill!
  • DSquared – Owned by the talented choreographer and costume designer, Doug White. Doug has built a strong connection with local clients. Doug is by far my favorite production owner to work for! He’s always on the lookout for fresh faces! Just sent him an email with your headshot and resume!
  • Champagne Creative Group – A production company based in Las Vegas that is quickly settling into the Orlando market! They coordinate everything via email and ship their impressive costumes to performers! Send them an email to get on their talent roster! I believe they have an app too!
  • Power Entertainment Productions – A boutique style production company founded by entrepreneur and performer, Isabel Power. Her up and coming production company champions performers and offers high quality event design! Connect with her company on Instagram and send a DM letting her know your skill set!


Community Over Competition


Above all, love your community and support your fellow performers! All the steps above initially helped me secure gigs. However, I kept getting rehired for gigs by not only showing up prepared for events but also by being kind to the cast! You never know who in your peer circle will rise to a choreographer position for a production company or a the parks. I’ve seen it time and time again! Treating others as you would like to be treated always pays off for everyone!

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